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The Last Real ImmigrantBy: Joseph Galliani

Joe Galliani At His Desk

– Joe’s Bio –

Joe Galliani’s life has been a captivating journey spanning three continents: from Libya to Italy, and finally to America. His remarkable travels and tales paint a vivid picture of a life well-lived.

Equipped with a dual degree in Computer Science and Nuclear Medicine Technology, Galliani’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and professional growth led him to establish his own IT service company, where he has been the driving force for over three decades. But Joe’s story doesn’t end with his successful career. He takes immense pride in being a devoted father to two grown children and currently calls South Florida his home.

While Joe is no stranger to the digital realm, he’s also a man of diverse passions. When he’s not immersed behind a computer screen, you’ll likely find him strolling along sandy shores, tending to his lush garden, engaging in local politics, savoring the magic of live musical performances, hosting exquisite dinner parties for cherished friends, or cherishing moments with his beloved Siamese-Persian feline companion, Bella.

Giorgio Galliani 1963 Abu Simbel Temple

Now, Joe Galliani steps into the literary world with his debut book, “The Last Real Immigrant.” Seamlessly blending captivating storytelling with profound insights, this book promises to transport readers on a compelling journey through his family’s immigrant experience. Prepare to be inspired as Joe shares the triumphs, challenges, and enduring spirit that have shaped his life.

– My Vision –

I never imagined that our life would be so enhanced by this great country, America. Our family always worked hard, diligently, respectfully and honestly to become an integral and productive part of the USA. We gave our hard work to America and America rewarded us generously. You the reader, can attest to this experience and be the judge as your read through the pages of this book.

America is the land of opportunity and the home of the free to cherish and enjoy.  The question is: Will we ever find our way back to how we initially found her and grew up with, in the coming years?

Joe Galliani

Me, at my uncle’s Messina, Sicily beach lido complex.

– My Journey –

From Libya to Italy to America. From medicine to entrepreneurship. My travels and stories say it all. Pack your bags and join me for an exciting journey!   

This book has it all – History! Food! Travel! Setbacks and triumphs. Sorrows and victories. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down!

 America is made up of immigrants, especially the ones that brought excellence, skills, hard work, dedication, and ethical substance. They shaped this country and this country returned to them, as citizens, the gifts of financial security, prosperity, and freedom. This book is the story of my family’s life. It is left behind for everyone to read and to assimilate the lessons to be learned by my readers.  I call it my family legacy!  Now my journey is complete.