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A Conversation with Joseph Galliani

An Interview With The Author, Joseph Galliani on July 12th 2023.


  • Interviewer: Congratulations on your upcoming book release! Can you tell us a little bit about your book and what inspired you to write it?

Joe: The book is about my family’s history spanning 100 years. We lived on three continents and finally immigrated to America. It is a story that needs to be told, with all its twists and turns, hardships, and successes. All the experiences deserve to be brought to the forefront for the American public, prompting a reevaluation of our approach to immigration in the United States.

My inspiration came from my late father and the decisions that impacted our entire family. His everlasting quest to be a better man and reach new heights left a lasting impression. Many who had the opportunity to interact and spend time with him believed he could “walk on water.” Through the stories and journeys of his life and mine, I aim to pose that same question to my readers.

  • Interviewer: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Joe: I was born in Tripoli, Libya as an Italian citizen. I then immigrated to my homeland, Italy, where I attended school up to the 7th grade. Eventually, I immigrated again to my final destination, America, where I completed my academic achievements in high school and college. My lifelong desire to help people and humanity led me to consider a career in the Nuclear Medical field, but I soon realized it wasn’t the right fit for me. I was too idealistic and instead became captivated by technology and the entrepreneurial opportunities in America. I took the leap and founded my own IT service company, and for over 30+ years, I have been writing my own paycheck and thoroughly enjoying my work.

  • Interviewer: What other hobbies or interests do you have outside of writing, and how do they inspire or inform your creative work?

Joe: I have never lost my Italian identity and have always had a deep appreciation for the impeccable craftsmanship of Italian-made machines, such as Ferraris and Ducatis. In fact, I am the proud owner of a Ducati myself. Attending the Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix has been a longstanding tradition for my family, spanning over 25 years. Soccer has also been a favorite sport of mine, which I played in college and even formed my own team consisting of young soccer players. Striving for perfection has always been my goal, instilled in me by my father who often said, “Do it right or don’t do it at all.” The rich cultural heritage and history spanning centuries have served as a constant source of inspiration for me to achieve the utmost in my life.

  • Interviewer: How long have you been working on your book, and what was the biggest challenge you faced during the writing process?

Joe: I began working on the book approximately 5 years ago during my visits to Florida, where I sought solace and respite from my professional commitments in Boston. The most significant challenge I encountered was attaining the appropriate mental state before each writing session, as I needed to immerse myself in the stories and vividly visualize the experiences in order to convey them through my writing effectively. There were times when weeks would pass without me revisiting the manuscript, leaving it untouched from where I had last left off. Undoubtedly, this endeavor has been the most demanding and challenging work I have ever undertaken in my life.

  • Interviewer: How do you feel now that your book is about to be released to the world?

Initially, I had reservations about sharing my family and personal story with the public. I doubted how readers would perceive me and judge the contents, which, by my own standards, are extraordinary. However, I have now overcome those doubts and fully embraced the decision to make a public statement about my beliefs. The book delves into the intricate details of my real-life experiences and the realities I have faced, conveying them in a dramatic manner.

  • Interviewer: What advice would you give to aspiring writers who are working on their own first book?

When embarking on the journey of writing a book, regardless of its genre, it is important to be prepared for a range of experiences. You can expect to encounter numerous ups and downs, moments of triumph and setbacks, challenges and joys. It’s essential to keep your end goal in mind and stay focused on your vision. If writing this book holds great significance to you, the rewards you reap, regardless of the outcome, will be substantial. Stay committed, persevere through obstacles, and trust that your efforts will be worthwhile in the end.

  • Interviewer: What was the most rewarding aspect of writing this book for you, and why?

A feeling of accomplishment and final triumph, which hopefully will bring additional rewards in your future. I finally got that big chip off my shoulder, my father’s legacy!

  • Interviewer: Finally, what do you hope readers will remember most about your book, and what impact do you hope it will have on their lives?

    I hope that this book sheds light on the true purpose of immigration in the United States: the transformative experiences and monumental changes that immigrants willingly undertake. It has the potential to alter one’s perspective on their own life, as it may reveal that someone in their own family has gone through the very challenges described in my book, “For Better or For Worst.” Now, as an American, you embody the spirit of those who have contributed to shaping America into what it stands for today.