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Reader’s Favorite Book Review

Reader’s Favorite

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Title: The Last Real Immigrant
Author: Joseph Galliani
Genre: Non-Fiction – Memoir

The appearance of a book can make a significant impact on the experience of a reader, whose enjoyment is often enhanced by an enticing cover, an intriguing table of contents, interesting chapter headings, and when possible, eye-catching illustrations.


The characters of a book should be well defined with strengths and flaws, and while they do not have to be likable, the reader does have to be able to form a connection with them. The tone should be consistent, the theme should be clear, and the plot should be original or told from a unique perspective. For informative books — those without plot and characters–this rating refers primarily to your concept and how well you presented it.


Development refers to how effectively you told your story or discussed your topic. The dialogue should be realistic, the descriptions should be vivid, and the material should be concise and coherent. Organization is also a key factor, especially for informative books — those without plot and characters. The order in which you tell your story or explain your topic and how smoothly it flows can have a huge impact on the reader’s understanding and
enjoyment of the material.


Formatting is the single most overlooked area by authors. The way in which you describe scenes, display dialogue, and shift point of view can make or break your story. In addition, excessive grammatical errors and typos can give your book an amateurish feel and even put off readers completely.


Marketability refers to how effectively you wrote your book for your target audience. Authors may include content that is above or below the understanding of their target reader, or include concepts, opinions or language that can accidentally confuse or alienate some readers. Although by its nature this rating is very subjective, a very low rating here and poor reviews may indicate an issue with your book in this area.


The overall starred rating takes into account all these elements and describes the overall reading experience of your reviewer. This is 5 the official Readers’ Favorite review rating for your book.

Review by:
Frank Matuma for Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest

The Last Real Immigrant by Joseph Galliani gives a detailed account of the Galliani family spanning three continents. Giorgio Joseph’s father was brought up in Libya, which was, at the time, an Italian colony. He had not attended high school but was an excellent mechanic. His skills proved of great importance working at the American Air Force base and later in Italy at Rodriquez shipbuilding enterprise. Vincenzo Joseph’s maternal grandfather had moved from Italy to America and then to Libya. After staying in Italy for some time, Giorgio decides to apply to move his family to the USA despite Rosa, his wife, not being comfortable moving again. To find out the experiences of the Galliani family across the three continents, get a copy of this book.

Memoirs can be tedious but not The Last Real Immigrant by Joseph Galliani. The narration and the steady pace kept me not only intrigued but also entertained. The vivid descriptions of events and places capture the reader’s imagination. Joseph also discusses vital
issues affecting society, like the issue of unfettered immigration and open borders and the impacts of military intervention in places like Libya and the Middle East, where they have different cultures and beliefs. I loved the thoughts expressed by the author on the importance of hard work and meritocracy. The language is easy to understand, and it is also important to note and applaud this author’s approach in providing fine details. It indicates the book was well-researched. I would love to read something else by this
talented author.

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